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We are ready to help you complete and submit your application to GSE. Find the facts, the forms, the important deadlines, and other essential information here.

Estimate Your Financial Aid

Want an estimate of how much financial aid you might receive? Berkeley's Cal-culator produces estimated values based on your answers to a few simple questions.

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GSE is a vital hub where students and faculty tackle big, difficult questions – from how people learn inside and outside classrooms to how schools, communities, and societies enhance the educational and life chances of their students and communities. — Discount Best Superdry Beach Lace TShirt Buy Cheap Perfect Wear Resistance jnLwxtVQf

Where Theory Meets Action

GSE’s graduate programs stress the integration of theory with practical application. Researchers and classroom professionals work together to develop solutions to the grand challenges in education that require collaborative efforts across disciplines.


The Graduate School of Education offers innovative, rigorous and research-based academic and professional preparation for the visionary educators ofthe future. Click below to find out which program fits your vision.

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Our Undergraduate Minor in Education is one of Berkeley's most popular Minor programs – and for good reason. It is perfect if you’re considering a career in education or teaching, or if you’re seeking to know more about educational topics for your field.

Where Theory Meets Action


View Our Courses
Our Undergraduate Minor in Education is one of Berkeley's most popular Minor programs – and for good reason. It is perfect if you’re considering a career in education or teaching, or if you’re seeking to know more about educational topics for your field.

Change a Life

Want to leave a lasting legacy that changes lives and promotes a healthier society? Your generous donations to Berkeley's Graduate School of Education helps ensure a diverse pipeline of qualified and committed education professionals for years to come.

Give Today


These links will tell you everything you need to know about making the Berkeley GSE affordable to deserving students. Or you can call us directly at (510) 643-9784 . We would love to talk to you.

GSE Annual Fund

Because the university receives only about 10 percent of its operating budget from the state, donations to the Annual Fund for the Graduate School of Education are the life blood of our mission to prepare the next generation of educational leaders and thinkers.

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I had a great time this year, so I think I'll go again next year. I need to start saving money for it.

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I was there when it ended. Most of the stuff was returned to their owners, but the money was counted and I'm pretty sure went to charity.

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I've only been to this year's BronyCon, but I would have to say that my favorite memory was either the dance circle at BronyPalooza or the plushie/waifu pit on Saturday. The pit was a weird experience to say the least. It started with one guy putting a Little Pip plush with a dollar in it's sock on …


I didn't get his name unfortunately, sorry. If I remember correctly He looked a little younger, maybe 15-17, but I'm not quite sure. Edit Well, I just checked how old you need to be to volunteer and it said 18, so I guess he just looked younger. I'm not much of a help, am I xD


I had an interaction with that guy and he was pretty chill. He was at BronyPalooza and did exactly what you said he did, but instead of just starring at me and then leaving and going to another person, he raised his hand into a brohoof and I brohoofed him. He was pretty cool, but I can see how some …


This was my first convention that I've been to out of state, and I have to say that it was the best one! The staff was amazing and friendly! The attendees were so welcoming and friendly. At most cons I've been to no one really talked to me while I waited in line, but at BronyCon people actually had …


Leaving in less than 12 hours!! I'm so excited!

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Only two more days of work left and then I'm off! My cosplay is done and I've packed almost everything already.


I've got a 9 and a half hour drive from Indianapolis. I'll be leaving at like 8 in the morning on Thursday.


I got to survive one more week of work and then it's here! I'm hyped! I still need to finish my cosplay though. I'm going as my OC/ponysona. He's the owner of a steampunk airship repair business.


This will be my first ever pony convention. I've gone to a few other non pony conventions in the past (IndyPopCon 3 times), but I'm really excited for this one!


"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. I'm taking off and fighting gravity" Taking off by Black Gryph0n and Baasik That's some classic Black Gryph0n. I like it. How about this lyric? "Night after night in torment Just when I think I might break free I ge…

Office of Admissions

1200 West Harrison Street Chicago, IL 60607-7161 Phone: (312)996-4350 TDD General: (312) 355-0379 Contact UIC Admissions

Mailing Address


Office of Undergraduate Admissions (MC 018) University of Illinois at Chicago 1200 West Harrison Street, Suite 1100 Chicago, IL 60607-7161 Contact Undergraduate Admissions

Graduate Professional

The graduate and professional application process is paperless. Please do not mail materials unless expressly requested. Really Orange 100% Original Hailys Womens LS C JK Flower Jacket X3AjV

Copyright © 2018 The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

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